Margaux Leroy



Last December, I participated to a workshop « Machine Jacking » supervised by the graphic agency Cheval Vert and organized by the Stereolux, which is a iconic place in Nantes. It's known for its eclectic concerts but also for creating Scopitone, an annual digital art festival. They explore new tools and digital practices within their Arts & Technologies Laboratory.
We had two days to quickly learn how to use API and elaborate a concept of random generation.




Photoshop, Illustrator, Tableau, Spotify API


(2 days)


UI, Datavisualisation

spoty_header photo_stereolux

© Cheval Vert

I took this opportunity to test an idea that I had a few days before. On Spotify, or other music platforms, I would love to have the possibility to compare my playlists with friends or unknown people. It will allow the user to find its music soul mate finding the person with whom he has the most tracks in common. There would be a big chance that he likes the other songs he does not know. To answer the workshop’s goal, I offer to generate a song based on all the tracks in commun. Therefore, mixing them to create a new cover album, new artist, new album name, track name, lyrics and sound.

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© Cheval Vert

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© Stéréolux