Margaux Leroy



For a school workshop, I had to work on a food traceability project. The purpose was to choose a brand product and to collect information on its exportation, production, etc. I chose to work on Nutella because I am a daily consumer since I am a child and people kept telling me about environmental and health issues. I wanted to see by myself what I could find out about it and if the brand tried to improve itself and communicate about those problematics.




Illustrator - Indesign


(1 week)


Cartography - Print


We started by a phase of information research to create our dataset. We used a XML format trying to reunite all the attributes every person found in the class in order to create a global files of every information we could get. Even if we did not get everything, eventually we could still represent the lack of information.

I realized that now, Nutella is trying to be extremely transparent about its products and I could find a lot of information on their website.

Once the content gathered, we started the visual conception. We had to create 3 maps for 3 different targets. It was necessary to have a relevant visualisation of data depending on the age and profile.


The first map made for a child with a concrete and colored universe.


The second one is for people concerned by carbon footprint, with a more sober ambiance to quickly see which ingredients are more imported and from which distances.


The last one has been thought for an activist mum who wants to know more about Nutella’s commitments. I used a more sober environnement because most information are textual and to make it serious.


Obviously, those information have to be taken lightly. Nutella choose what they want to communicate on and some details are not divulged yet, or may be intentionally omitted. My purpose was to put forward the efforts they made, following numerous scandals linked mostly to palm oil.